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Apr 8, 2021

Lane Kawaoka joins the show to share how he built passive cashflow with a specific rental real estate formula. He educates and organizes investors to do the same, leading from the front with his philosophy to live where you want and invest where the numbers work. It’s shocking to consider that a real asset with cashflow and leverage is considered an alternative investment compared to the engineered virtual financial markets dominated by wholesale firms and high-frequency trading. Listen and learn where to look, what metrics to use, and how to start.


  • Three key things to look for in investment
  • Primary, secondary, tertiary markets
  • A, B, and C class real estate
  • 1% or better rent to value target
  • When to rent v/s buy your home
  • Non-recourse loans for multi-family 
  • SPC educational info and fund
  • 30% bonus depreciation in year 1
  • COVID rent collection v/s breakeven level
  • Look for problem sellers not problem property