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Aug 13, 2021

This is as time-sensitive episode! In the next few days, Josh Guerrero of the All Around Adventure podcast sets off on a 1200-mile, multi-month, self-funded, self-supported trek from north to south across the state of Michigan. He’ll travel ultra-light, minimizing gear and nonetheless face fall and winter weather, uncertain conditions, and even the possibility of bears and wolves. Much more than just an epic adventure, Josh is raising money and awareness for a non-profit that supports American military veterans through involvement in global archaeological digs.


  • American vets on archeology digs
  • Reconnecting to vets, team, mission
  • Adapt and overcome, staying true to the mission
  • Operation Wolverine Walk
  • Logistics, timing, trek
  • Preparation and mindset
  • Ultra-light gear plan
  • Maintaining situational awareness
  • Embrace the adventure


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