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Oct 1, 2022

Daniel Mangena shares his approach for realizing the reality of our dreams and reprogramming ourselves for abundance.

Daniel studied self-development with intentionality since a young age and found his way to millionaire status by 19 – but then lost it all, made it back, and lost it all again. Broke, riddled by severe social anxiety, and paralyzed by self-doubt, Daniel became depressed and suicidal. Fortunately, he couldn’t even carry that plan to completion for fear of failure!

At the age of 27, Daniel was diagnosed with Asperger’s and soon realized the syndrome had actually prevented the suicide attempt and saved his life. In it, he has found his super power. And in his journey through extreme highs and lows, Daniel uncovered the secret to permanently maintaining a state of abundance after manifesting it.

These days, Daniel lives a life of joy and freedom with his wife and children in Los Cabos, Mexico. He travels the world teaching alignment of mind, body, and spirit in actions, thoughts, and feelings.


  • How Aspergers prevented suicide
  • Reprogramming your reality
  • Flow, vibration, and abundance
  • Quantum entanglement