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Oct 17, 2022

You’ve been dead too long. Welcome back to life. I’ve missed that smile!

These words from Keith Schmidt‘s wife awaited him at the successful end of a 75-hour learning and life reset experience.

Keith had repressed and suppressed so much trauma from his life and job that he was on autopilot, careening toward...

Oct 4, 2022

Modern life has us all in a state of elevated stress and inflammation that underlies chronic disease. Beyond the biological response and impacts, stress can be crippling to decision making and emotional control. Learning to lead under stress is imperative – leading ourself, family, business, and community....

Oct 1, 2022

Daniel Mangena shares his approach for realizing the reality of our dreams and reprogramming ourselves for abundance.

Daniel studied self-development with intentionality since a young age and found his way to millionaire status by 19 – but then lost it all, made it back, and lost it all again. Broke, riddled by severe...